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Proudly Announcing the Feature Script Competition 2021 Finalists

The Feature Script Finalists for 20/21 are…

The Minefield by Quinn Redeker and Jason Skorski

The Boy Who Had Three Arms by Christian J Hearn

Out of My Comfort Zone by Ivy Vale and Rick Reil

Bad Love Strikes by Kevin Schewe

The Great Question by Julia Kogan and Stephen Finnigan

Wolflike Grin by Demian Cuthbertson

Aktuality by Steve Peddie

God’s Clown by Fred Wood

They’re Watching Us by Daniel Gentile

Bombshell by Ludwig Leidig, Brett Williams and Yuri Joakimidis

So Long, Sweet Life by Richard Kuntzevich

Thanks to all that entered the competition. Our committee has read a great many really good scripts.  Coming up with this list has been tough.

Who will be the overall winners?

Keep watching this space.