We’re happy to announce The UK Film Festival 2018 winners!

Edgeware Grand Prix for Best Short Film –
Intercourse by Jonatan Etzler (Sweden)

Edgeware Award for Best British Short –
Mothering by Lucy Bridger (UK)

Edgeware Special Jury Prize –
Uno by Javier Marco (Spain)

Best Feature Documentary –
The Wait by Karin Becker (Germany)

Best Feature Film –
The Little Comrade by Moonika Siimets (Estonia)

Best Student Short –
Gold Fortune by Rhyme Lu (USA)

Best Music Video –
Cruel by The Fridman Sisters (Brazil)

Best Short Documentary –
#MementoMori by Angus Gibson (UK)

Best Animation Short –
Negative Space by Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter (France)

Best Actor –
Willem Dafoe as an outstanding achievement award and for Padre by Giada Colagrande (Italy)

Mandy Award for Best First Film –
Maja by Marijana Jankovic (Denmark)